1. The TOE courses are organized around modules.

Each module covers a single subject, further divided into separate concepts.  A concept covers a specific topic, making sure to define it, discuss ways to measure/assess it, relate it to turf establishment, and discuss how to modify or correct it.  Courses are developed to have approximately 15 modules, and students can work at their own pace.  The course, however, must be completed within a year or it will be necessary to enroll again.  Assessment is done through copmletion of a series of case studies and questions for customers.  These are comprehensive and designed to be completed after a student has gone through all the course material.

2. The cost of enrollment for the full Turf Establishment course is $384.

This includes access to all the course materials, online help, and contact with the instructors.

3. From the enrollment date, a student is entitled to one year of contact with the instructors even if they have completed the course materials.

We do this so you can continue to learn and use TOE as a professional tool to assist you in offering your clientele outstanding service. After a year, you can continue instructor support with a subscription costing you $10 per month.

4. Note:

At this time, only the initial course, Turf Establishment is being offered.  Turfgrass Pests/Diseases will launch in early 2019.