About Us

The authors of the TOE courses are Professor Henry Wilkinson and Professor Elizabeth Bucher-Curry.  Combined, they have 6 advanced degrees and over 40 years of working experience in the horticultural industry.  Professor Wilkinson, now emeritus, was a turfgrass pathologist at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.  Dr. Bucher-Curry completed her Ph.D. in Turfgrass Pathology with Professor Wilkinson.  She has also lectured at several colleges in IL.  Professor Wilkinson and Dr. Bucher-Curry are the instructors for all TOE courses.  When you ask a question, make a comment, or chat with an instructor, know that you are talking directly to them.  It is their intent to offer you a series of courses that with continued use will provide you with an educational tool that will benefit you both during the courses and throughout your career.



Drs. Wilkinson & Bucher-Curry