Welcome to Turf and Ornamental Education


Turf and Ornamental Education (TOE), is a new and unique program designed for professionals and students in the horticultural industry.  Initially, TOE is offering an engaging course: Turf Establishment.  The course will cover all aspects of establishing a lawn, covering both cool season and warm season grass types.  Beyond the material in the course, TOE is designed to be a useful resource for students throughout the course, as well as after completion.  Material and assessment is designed to train students how to answer real-life problems regarding turf, with students developing a thorough knowledgebase concerning turf and the ability to apply that knowledgebase to turf problems that they may encounter.  


TOE is designed to be much more than just information.  Throughout the course, the professors at TOE will be available for real-time interaction in assisting with questions regarding the course, as well as assistance with real-life turf situations; offering training and education for any professional looking to advance the services they can offer their customers.

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